Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas At My House

Some of you might have just four people at your house at Christmas time or maybe just a few more. but at my house there were 22 people. I know that's a lot but it wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be but still it was kind of like the movie Home-Alone.

But the little kids at my house are a lot nicer than the kids in the movie I tell you that. I loved everybody being hear though because I never get to see everyone at once.

The one thing I dislike about Christmas is saying good-bye.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The moment you’ve all been waiting for….. applause, applause, applause

I am so obsessed with Nancy Drew.

I read the books.

I play the games.

I love the movie.

And Pamela Sue Martin is the best Nancy drew so far.

That is Parker Stevenson as Frank Hardy (left) and Shaun Cassidy as Joe Hardy (right).

And the doll is beautiful, I just ordered her today.

But for the people that don’t know who Nancy Drew is, I will tell you.

In the year 1930, a woman by the name of Mildred Wirt Benson (aka Carolyn Keene) wrote three Nancy Drew books about a small town girl solving mysteries in River Heights. Then Harriet S. Adams wrote a few more books in the series and Charles Strong wrote one. In all there are 56 Nancy Drew books. One day, I decided to draw pictures of scenes from the games, so I did.

Game One: Secrets Can Kill .

Nancy goes to visit her Aunt Eloise and that is where a student is murdered in the local high school. Nancy has to figure out who did it, with the help her best friends Bess Marvin and George Fayne (George is a girl, by the way). Also helping her is her boyfriend Ned Nickerson, who, when he says “hello” sounds just like my brother-in-law, which I think is funny. To make a long story short, Nancy gets stuck in the school’s basement where there is a bomb, and she has to turn it off before she can get out, which is through an air vent and that is the picture I drew.

Game Two: Stay Tuned For Danger.

Nancy gets hired as an extra on a TV show called Light of Our Love (kind of cheesy, huh?) in New York to work under cover to find out who is sending threatening notes and poisoned chocolates to one of the actors. So while filming an episode, one of the spotlights falls and almost hits him. After filming was done and everyone has left the set, Nancy finds a ladder that goes up to where the spotlights are, but the wheel is stuck and Nancy haves to find some oil. When she went up the ladder, she discovered a piece of fabric and that is the picture I drew.

Game Three: Message in a Haunted Mansion.

Rose, one of Nancy’s friends, invites Nancy to help renovate an old Victorian mansion that is going to be turned into a bed and breakfast. However, there have been scaffolding accidents and odd things have been happening, like crying women, ghosts and whispering paintings. So Nancy puts on her detective cap and begins to play detective. At one point, Nancy walks into the front hall upstairs and looks at a mirror and sees a woman with blond hair who is dressed all in white.

I hoped you liked my first new post in a long while and look forward for my next post about the next three Nancy Drew games.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

the sims: babies and children

if you've heard of the sims, please comment on this post! because i never get any comments.

anyway, if you've never heard of the sims, which is probably impossible, i will tell you a few things about it.

it's just like people, but they're on the computer. you have to fulfill their needs, take care of them. like hunger, bladder, comfort, hygeine, energy, fun, and stuff like that. you manipulate them to do whatever you want.

there is also something called, "having a baby." unlike in real life, in order to have a baby on the sims, the wife asks, "should we have a baby," and the computer chooses whether or not you have a boy or a girl. you have to have three people take care of the baby, which would be nice in real life, but is not always possible. there are three things you do to the baby: feeding, playing with the baby, and singing. after the baby is asleep it will only sleep for a few "sim hours" which aren't real hours, but little hours on the computer. after three days the healthy baby will become a boy or a girl child. if the baby is not healthy during the three busy days of babyhood two people will come and take the baby away from the parents. the woman will pick up the baby and the crib will disappear. the man will zap the fridge with a gun and the fridge will disappear. why? i always think that but i don't really ever find out.

when the baby grows up into a child you have to click on the bookshelf or the child won't be able to study for school. if the child doesn't study, he or she gets an F- and suddenly the child is wearing a reform school outfit. when the child goes to reform school the parents never see him again.

more on older children later.

Friday, September 30, 2005

my book: a classic

my latest obsession is boston's great molasses flood. i plan to include a feature about it in my book.

My Book

i had a hard time finding a name for my book but the first disaster is going to be the great chicago fire.
the second disaster is the molasses flood, pictured above.

the third disaster, the final one, is, of course, the great titanic tragedy.

if i ever get my book published you guys should just read it. there are sad moments, happy moments, terrifying moments, moments of distress: it's going to be a terrific read. i hope it makes the best seller list.

i have a pen name. i don't want to tell you what it is. i dont' want to be stressed by people wanting my autograph.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

don't miss it don't even be late

last night i went to the friendship festival. it's like a fair or a carnival. almost every year they have different carnival companies running the rides. but this year it was the same people who came last year. there were a few different rides, though. i like go-carts and anything with cars, like bumper cars. last night i went on the bumper cars like fifteen times. i like it because you get to just smash into anybody and their cars. i 'd love to drive a real car but don't have my license yet. my parents say i have to be 18 years old to get my license.

the "zipper" is a little cage that twirls around and goes up and down. it makes me want to throw up.

when i was little i went to the fair and most of the rides made me sick. i felt nauseated and hot and dizzy. one time i got home i walked into my room and barfed all over the junk in my room. i'm glad i have parents to clean up my barf. i've never puked at the fair before. i think ben did before. one time i got sick and the next day i was eating a little bowl of cheese and i was watching a movie about cheese and mice and i put my hand over my mouth and nearly swallowed the barf but i ran to the bathroom and threw up on the floor. some of it came out my nose and it burned.

the food at the fair is great. there's all sorts of food. last night i had some lemonade that tasted like it didn't have any sugar in it. i ate something really cool. they were like curly fries. the lady put the potato in a machine that cut it into long curls. the man asked, "do you want cheese on that?" and i said, "sure!" so he did.

i won a lot of prizes as i do every year. i won a cool mardis gras mask for my nephew henry because he was bugging me about the mask that i won for myself. his is cooler than mine.

we had lots of fun. it was awesome. henry, will and i rode horses in a circle. there were two ponies and two horses.

when i came home i didn't barf, thank heavens, i watched "i love lucy," the one where she tells the truth (3rd season) for 24 hours in order to win a hundred dollars. ricky pays her anyway, even though she tells a fib.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

introducing the family: my adorable cat

i am going to talk about my adorable cat. i usually talk baby talk to him. it's all he understands.

my sister was at camp in ohio and the camp janitor was going to drown this little, teeny, rowdy kitten. maybe it was biting or scratching him. my sister saved him. she and he-who-will-not-be-named (old skinny boyfriend) drove him from ohio to illinois. when she got home she begged my dad to let us keep the cute little adorable cat. with all of her girlish charm she convinced my dad, who rolled his eyes and said, "okay."

we named that adorable cat john calvin (after that french dude). here is a picture of my adorable cat's namesake.

my cat is as cuddly as ever when he's inside but is rowdy and vicious, not really vicious, but just rowdy, when he's outside. he doesn't really hurt me. well, hardly ever.

some people might think this is kind of gross. my brother, will, was letting the cat outside and the screen door banged shut on john calvin's tail. with a terrified, shrieking meow, john calvin was stuck. will opened the door to see if he was okay. but he wasn't. he ran upstairs and on the porch was a teeny little tip of his tail. it was like a little toupe on the porch.

here is a picture of a man wearing a toupe.

(what a sick look. he looks like a pastor i know.)

Friday, August 12, 2005

the unsinkable molly brown -- a home in denver

in 1894 maggie, the nickname for margaret (molly) (she had two nicknames), and her husband j.j. (the nickname for james joseph) moved to denver, colorado. their family was growing. their house was big. they had remodeled it after they moved in. they also added on more house to the original. the woman servants had their rooms in the attic of the house. the men servants had their rooms on the second floor. i think it should have been the other way around. unless they had an elevator, of course.

they had indoor plumbing, which was novel in that day. each person had their own bedroom. molly's parents lived with them and they had their own room, too. they had a modern kitchen that had a butler's pantry and a cook's pantry. they also had electric lights. the house was a beautiful home. you can take a tour of it if you visit denver, colorado.

look forward to part three: divorce.